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Promoting the Safe Use of Prescription Medications

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Prescription Drug Abuse is a Growing Epidemic

Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem in the United States.  In fact, the ONDCP reports approximately 28,000 deaths each year related to prescription drugs.  Many states have committed personnel and funds to fight the rapidly growing problem. Considering the latest information out there about prescription drug abuse, it’s important to establish SAFE USE guidelines for your practice that address the problem head on.


What are the SAFE USE Guidelines?

Practitioners today have a responsibility to promote the safe and effective use of chronic pain medications through risk stratification, outcomes-based treatment, and patient education. Dominion's SAFE USE prescription medication monitoring and support solution is the only program designed to be fully consistent with Industry Guidelines and compliant with the FDA’s Opioid REMS program. Partnering with Dominion Diagnostics for pain prescription monitoring and clinical support will help you and your patients reduce prescription drug misuse in your practice and your community.

A Note from a SAFE USE Expert:

“Too often in medicine we seem to make simple things difficult... SAFE USE makes treating pain patients simple again."

B. Baker Fore, D.O. | Friends Wellness Center, Ardmore OK

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