Advancing Patient Care Through Trusted Diagnostics

Dominion Diagnostics, North Kingstown RI HeadquartersDominion Diagnostics is a leading, certified and accredited national medical laboratory that provides drug monitoring solutions and actionable clinical information to improve patient care and treatment outcomes in substance use disorder (SUD) medicine and chronic pain management.

Dominion Diagnostics is a well-respected, trusted healthcare company with a demonstrated commitment to regulatory compliance, ethical standards, and professional integrity.

Dominion Diagnostics has a long history of servicing customers from a diversity of medical specialties across the United States.

Education and Training

Live/remote education and training programs to keep treatment clinically relevant and improve patient care

Real-Time Support

Our Client Services and Supply Center are available to help support everyday service needs

Innovative Science

High quality solutions to help address the nation’s prescription drug abuse epidemic and substance use disorder treatment needs

Specialized Solutions

Tailored programs and monitoring solutions to individually address unique patient treatment goals and outcomes