Compliance Commitment

A Long History of Compliance Makes Dominion Diagnostics the Trusted Choice

At Dominion Diagnostics, we prioritize compliance right alongside customer support. Established in 2004, Dominion's Compliance Program is one of the longest running voluntary programs in the industry. We established our Code of Conduct ourselves, not as the result of any regulatory scrutiny. In fact, our reputation for compliance is largely what makes Dominion Diagnostics the trusted choice among laboratories that specialize in our field. Our Compliance program applies to all of our Dominion employees and exceeds the recommendations contained in the Office of the Inspector General’s Compliance Program Guidance for Clinical Laboratories.

Regulatory Compliance

Working with Dominion Diagnostics, providers and payers can be sure we have set appropriate measures in place to ensure compliance and set a higher standard of care for laboratory diagnostics. Every aspect of our business fully complies with STARK and anti-kickback guidelines for laboratory compliance.

A Commitment to Fair Healthcare Costs

We provide all of our customers with written documentation stating the charges that will be billed to Medicare, Medicaid and uninsured patients. While we utilize the very latest in state-of-the-art laboratory technology and employ professional clinical support staff, we are commited to patient-friendly rates and reducing the cost of healthcare.

Leadership and Accessibility

Our Corporate Compliance Team is available to assist all compliance related matters. Our Compliance Hotline can be reached at (401) 667-0374. Dominion's Corporate Compliance Team is comprised of:

  • Jeff Nally, Corporate Compliance Officer                                        
  • Holli Filiatreault, Corporate Compliance Program Manager

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