Dynamic Patient Results with CARD® and SAMM® Reports

Dominion Diagnostics designed, developed and implemented a proprietary reporting software that utilizes dynamic, clinical logic to produce our exclusive Comprehensive Analysis of Reported Drugs (CARD)® and Scientifically Accurate Medication Monitoring (SAMM)® reports. Both reports are backed by a set of clinically-validated references generated to support each unique patient case with utmost clinical relevance.

Dynamic, clinically-supported laboratory results provide new insight into each unique patient scenario

Comprehensive Analysis of Reported Drugs (CARD)®

CARD Sample ReportPatient-specific correlation between treatment-related medications and self-reported drug use with laboratory results

CARD® aids clinicians in assessment and monitoring of drug use/abstinence upon intake, throughout the course of treatment, and in aftercare monitoring. 

Sample CARD® Result Report.pdf

Scientifically Accurate Medication Monitoring (SAMM)®

SAMM Sample Report

Patient-specific correlation between prescribed maintenance and PRN (take as needed) medications with laboratory results

SAMM® allows practitioners to better monitor a patient's prescription or drug usage for a more accurate assessment of treatment progress and prescription adherence. 

Sample SAMM® Result Report.pdf

Note:  Standard laboratory results reports are also available to clients and provide valuable data for patient evaluations

Quick Facts: 
  • Quickly assess Expected and Not Expected testing results using visual flags
  • Understand the potential sources of detected drugs/metabolites
  • Quickly identify if a patient's self-reported misuse matches detected drug results (CARD® only)
  • Accurately identify a patient’s PRN medications and identify cases for reduced medication usage (SAMM® only)
  • Support interpretation with scientifically validated and published medical literature