Payer Relations

Dominion Diagnostics delivers proven solutions to reduce unnecessary healthcare costs, promote appropriate utilization, and improve member outcomes. Dominion Diagnostics is committed to offering a comprehensive health management solution that presents a fundamental change in laboratory testing for health plans, accountable care organizations, workers' compensation programs, self-insured employers, and pharmacy benefits managers.

Utilization and Cost Control

Reduce Utilization

Develop utilization management programs to educate providers on the appropriate use of point-of-care testing, resulting in lower overall utilization as well as improved clinical results

Identify Misuse, Nonadherence and Diversion

Clinically validated and industry-low limits of detection for highly addictive medications like oxycodone and hydrocodone to identify cases of potential misuse, nonadherence, and/or diversion

Data Analytics & Trend Insight

Identify At-Risk Members

Analytical data showing your members with unexpected drug monitoring results

Identify System-Wide Abuse

Analytical data showing top abused drugs for specific health plan population with national trending data comparison is available (Payer-Specific Summary Reporting)

Identify Protocol & Policy Compliance

Practice-specific testing frequency data to compare to prescribers’ monitoring protocols and health plan policies

Provider Clinical Advantage

Proprietary Clinical Information Software

Dynamic, clinical logic designed by Dominion Diagnostics to generate case-specific CARD® and SAMM® clinical notes and interpretation guidelines for every specimen tested

Unique Results Reporting & Practice Trend Data

Comprehensive results reporting tools tailored to provide specialty outcomes data for addiction medicine and pain management, backed by clinical research

Protocol Development Support

Assist providers in development of practice-specific drug monitoring protocols that support medical necessity, encourage policy compliance, and control utilization

Pharmacist Clinical Consultation

Access to a full-time team of pharmacists with applied expertise in pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutics, toxicology, and laboratory science

Partnership Programs

Health Plan Education

Free education and training for health plan staff members (e.g., Medical Directors, Case Managers, Utilization Managers)

Employer Education

Collaboration with health plans to provide free education programs to employers and their employees

Community Education

Free education programs that are focused on increasing awareness in the community (e.g., colleges, schools)