Mental Health

We understand the complex relationship between Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and mental illness, and provide services that support active intervention and aid in recovery.  The integration of drug monitoring into routine clinical practice in the practice of Mental Health and Behavioral Health is essential as a way to monitor patient treatment adherence and verify effective medication management.

Solutions for Mental Health & Behavioral Health
  • Customizable testing menu to meet medical necessity
  • Randomization and protocol management support
  • Educational programs on current drug use trends
  • Full-time pharmacists for results consultation
  • Electronic test ordering and results delivery
  • Creatinine-adjusted drug values
  • Collector support services when warranted

Benefits for Mental Health & Behavioral Health Programs
  • Monitor adherence to treatment-related medications
  • Confirm abstinence from illicit drug use and verify patient's self-report
  • Assure adherence to the agreed-upon treatment plan
  • Support complex dual diagnosis assessment and treatment
  • Identify practice-level trends using dynamic monitoring data

Quick Facts: