Dominion Diagnostics recognized for expanded testing launch and poised for new clinical research partnerships

Dominion Diagnostics is a well-respected, trusted healthcare company with over two decades of experience and expertise delivering patient-centered drug monitoring solutions, improved treatment outcomes and actionable clinical information to inform care.

Historically, research and development at Dominion Diagnostics allowed for development of analytical methods for highly sensitive and specific prescription drug monitoring and designer drug detection to keep up with current trends. More recently, the research and development team at Dominion Diagnostics has designed a robust discovery testing menu missioned to provide laboratory services critical to the beginning phases in the drug discovery pathway. 

The growing menu, launching as part of a new Dominion Discovery initiative, includes rapid, affordable and high quality pharmacokinetic (PK) method development and sample analysis. Also launching is a full menu of analytical drug development testing such as logD/logP, PAMPA, protein binding, plasma, microsome/S9 and recombinant CYP450 stability. 

"The clinical development we do at Dominion is really rewarding," shared Lawrence J. Andrade, Dominion Diagnostics Director of Research and Development. "It's exciting to take our capabilities to another level and build new partnerships to expand both our expertise and national reach."

Andrade leads the discovery efforts at Dominion Diagnostics and is actively collaborating with leading research institutions performing initial bioavailability small animal studies. And the company is making some real headway.

Findings from one recent partnership with leading scientists at Rhode Island's Roger Williams University resulted in a June 2018 National Geographic feature entitled 'Holy Grail' Test for Illegal Cyanide-Caught Aquarium Fish May Be Fatally Flawed which unveiled problematic data long utilized in the detection of thiocyanate, a byproduct of cyanide illegally used to paralyze fish and make them easier to catch. (

Andrade's research and development team is comprised of Ph.D., MS and BS level scientists sharing over 30 years of combined experience in GLP, cGMP regulated laboratories working in all phases of drug development. Coupled with its emerging discovery menu, the team can also offer custom support and consulting for CRO teams.

"We're poised to become an extension of any research team tackling issues related to structural elucidation, stability indicating LC-MS/MS systems, cleaning verification, and more," says Andrade.

All methods are performed in Dominion's fully automated research and development laboratory, equipped to handle a very high volume of samples efficiently. Several liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) platforms including high resolution accurate mass and triple quadrupole analyzers coupled to ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) are utilized in discovery. Dominion's LC-MS/MS method development and sample testing offers rapid turnaround time and affordability. In addition to PK analysis, Dominion also offers a formulation screen to help clients choose the best oral, IV or injectable formulation to use for dosing solutions.

For additional information on partnering with Dominion's research team, contact:

Lawrence J. Andrade, Director of Research and Development, (401) 667-5773